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Empowering Feminist Fiction Spotlights Intimacy, Chatbots and Sex Tech in “Clitapalooza: Her flower blooms power” — A spicy satire full of laughs and inspiring women

Widowspeak Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Billie Best’s third book, Clitapalooza: Her flower blooms power, a spicy satire about a happily married 60-ish woman who plays games with her sex life and gets caught in a digital trap.

Clitapalooza is a sex-positive feminist revenge fantasy

Feminism is influencing healthcare to pay more attention to the clitoris, but it’s an ironic moment. The clitoris has been denied and ignored by doctors for centuries. Ignorance abounds. Purity culture still dominates social values. And yet, a woman’s sex life has become the focus of biotech brands. The sex tech industry is about to exceed $40 billion. Pills, surgery, and gadgets are being developed to address every imaginable female trouble from the shape of labias to hot flashes and low libido. Orgasms are being monetized. The clitoris has become a profit center. It’s a gold rush. What could go wrong?

In Clitapalooza, a girl gang of smart women weaponize their intelligence to outwit a predatory biotech brand posing as a women’s wellness innovator after the protagonist uses their products and philanders with their chatbot. Girl talk drives the plot. Set in a contemporary college town and told from multiple points of view, including 60-ish women, college students, a biotech scientist, and a very perplexed husband, it’s a wild ride through one woman’s body and the future of sex tech. Readers will laugh out loud.

About the Author

Billie Best is the author of 3 books and 200+ weekly blog posts at her website where she explores midlife reinvention, relationships, wellness and tech from a feminist perspective.

Book Details

Title: Clitapalooza: Her flower blooms power

Author: Billie Best

Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction, Humor/Satire, Feminism

Release Date: February 13, 2024

Available at: Amazon,, and wherever books are sold.

Paperback $12.99: ISBN 978-1-7345964-4-1

Ebook $9.99: ISBN 978-1-7345964-5-8

Contact: (413-717-2983) for review copies, interviews, and other media inquiries.